If you are looking for a cost-effective wireless network with the ability to grow with your organisation, and with the option to run separate public and private networks alongside each other, get in touch with Octopus. We offer:

  1. Fast and reliable equipment expertly installed by accredited engineers.
  2. A choice of sleek, discreet components to suit most applications.
  3. Manufacturer trained in system design and installation.
  4. Warranty, test results and training provided.
  5. Cost-effective systems, fully scalable and centrally managed by you, to suit your requirements.

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Case Studies

St Helena Hospice, Colchester.

Octopus has recently installed a new wireless network for the benefit of both staff and visitors at St Helena Hospice in Colchester and Clacton.
The new secure internal network is used by doctors on ward rounds to enable them to enter real-time information at the bedside, while the new public network is used for patients, their friends and families – the hospice have seen usage and demand rise dramatically since the installation.

Large department store, Ipswich.

We have installed approximately 25 access points to provide an internal network for staff, and alongside this, providing guest wireless internet access to shoppers.

Further Details

  • A high-performance WiFi solution which works flawlessly in any situation from a single unit office install to 1000’s of units spread across multiple sites.
  • Unique, free, non-dedicated WiFi controller software, which runs on any pc, mac or cloud service.
  • A wide variety of units for indoor and outdoor use to provide either access points or bridging between buildings.
  • Multiple SSIDs to create up to 4 separate public or private WiFi networks with configurable access and billing.

Octopus Cabling Ltd are accredited installers of Unifi Enterprise WiFi Systems.