There’s no two ways about it. A well-planned, robust network system will help your business grow. The right infrastructure will not only lead to faster data sharing – it will support a more efficient, more flexible way of working that will improve staff productivity across the board (and impress your customers to boot).

Whether you’re a small business or a High Street retail chain, the engineers here at Octopus Cabling can install the quality infrastructure your organisation needs to keep the phones ringing and the hard disks spinning. We can provide the engineering expertise to ensure your systems are performing as reliably as possible, and we can introduce powerful, scalable technology into your business that will inevitably change the way you work for good. 

We’ll strive to become an integral part of your facilities team by working closely with you to relocate and expand upon your existing network systems. Whether we’re installing a new wireless network, PAT testing your commercial devices or setting up a brand new phone system, we will carry out every project with the utmost care and attention to ensure you’re 100% happy with our work.

Our world-class network solutions aren’t just reserved for office-based enterprises, though. Every type of business can benefit from the solutions we provide, because in this digital era, every company relies on technology to survive. We regularly deliver network cabling installations to shops, warehouses, factories and even hazardous industrial sites. 

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Don’t just take our word for it!

Here's some genuine recent feedback from our customers...

  • “Jon and his team wired up my old Victorian property running Cat6 ethernet to each room and to a set of 6 CCTV cameras, as well as running shielded cables to my outbuildings (a games room and an office). It was very important to me that the age and condition of the property be taken into consideration (I didn’t want huge holes drilled through old beams/joists!) – Jon and his team completely respected this, making very tidy cable runs and cleaning up thoroughly. Performance (in particular latency) are critical to my work, Jon’s team took this into account by using high quality cable, having as few joins as possible and keeping the cable runs short (even though using longer cable runs and more joins would have been easier).

    The guys we’re far more interested in doing a good job than just getting it done quick, and it was very obvious by the results that this made a big difference. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Octopus Cabling and will certainly use them again.”

    Tey Solutions
  • “ The re-launch of the Visitor Centre at Sandringham required a complete new fibre network to connect up both the new ANPR car parking system and EPOS to a dedicated network cupboard with dedicated broadband and 4G backup. The project was complex and required a contractor who was sympathetic to the needs of the operating business as well as able to work alongside a number of other trades. Jonathan and the team from Octopus were first rate, they provided a gigabit network using quality components and handed this over fully tested. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan and the team at Octopus to any similar such projects”

    Visitor Enterprises Manager, Sandringham Estate
  • Having had Octopus carry out the work for two separate cabling infrastructure projects at the hospice, I would like to say how efficient and thorough your company was. Errol was always able to answer any questions we had and Octopus could not have been more flexible in responding to the ever changing deadlines on these projects. We have future projects in the pipeline and we will be using Octopus for these.

    IT Manager, St. Helena Hospice